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Unlocking the power of human connection

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that life is better when it’s spent together. It improves mental and physical wellbeing, boosts confidence and leads to a more positive outlook in life. So if you’re itching to get back to playing the sport you love, put on a class for your community or plan an event that’s been on hold, get together at your local school’s facilities.

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Open up your facilities. Generate funding for teachers, equipment and other school improvements. Join the movement to improve community wellbeing.

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Who are Vivify?

We have a diverse team with a variety of skills, all united under one vision - decreasing inactivity and loneliness in society whilst generating much-needed revenue for community venues.

We believe in the power of human connection – helping people to get together with others to do something positive and improve community wellbeing.

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