We’re passionate about building thriving communities of healthier, happier people.

Getting together with others improves mental and physical wellbeing, boosts confidence, cures loneliness and helps people feel more positive about life.

That’s why we started Vivify. As school hire experts, we make it simple for people to find local spaces to get together, whilst also helping to provide much needed funding to schools.

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The UK is facing a health crisis

Inactivity levels are soaring and issues such as anxiety, obesity and poor mental health are all seeing a sharp increase.

96% of children in the UK aged 7 -11 years old will not have the fundamental skills to stay safe in if they were to get into difficulty in water

Vivify’s impact on bringing communities together...

The people who make it work

Vivify is made up of a group of people who care deeply about the schools and communities they represent and are backed by long-term investors who are committed to growing the Vivify brand and improving people’s wellbeing.

Meet the team
Book great school facilities in just 2 minutes

We’ve unlocked over 718 school facilities so far...

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