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5 Ways Schools Can Generate Additional Income This Year

90% of schools in England were due to run out of money in 2023 due to the enormous burden of increased energy and salary bills. These concerning figures were shared in 2022 by the Guardian and it’s no secret that headteachers and school leaders across the country were increasingly put in difficult positions as a result of this.

Leora Cruddas, Chief Executive of the Confederation of School Trusts, said that 2023 was looking really difficult: “Many trusts are having to use some or all of their reserves. But reserves can only be spent once.”

In addition to that terrifying news, ukactive also reported that due to rising energy costs, a further 79% of leisure facilities are at risk of permanent closure.

While schools across the country have been focused on making cuts across the board, generating an additional income stream is more important than ever during these challenging times.

We’ve put together 5 ways schools can generate additional revenue below:

Rent parking space during school holidays

Car parks are an asset that could bring in a significant amount of extra income every year if utilised correctly. There are several online providers that allow schools and businesses rent out their spare parking spaces online, and schools can choose how many spaces they let out, how much they should cost, and when they are available.

Hire out your facilities

Does your school have a sports hall, 3G or grass pitch, theatre, multi-use games area (MUGA), dance studio or any other in-demand facilities? 

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then your school facilities could be the key to unlocking a huge range of benefits for your school and the wider community.

As school hire experts, we make it simple for people to find local spaces to get together, whilst also helping to provide much-needed funding to schools. A robust lettings programme can help offset some of  the new costs schools are facing, by generating a substantial revenue stream. Some of our school partners have also used their income to take pupils on dream residential trips, others have used it to pay for new equipment, or simply pay for fundamental resources.

Make use of any advertising space

Product advertisements can be found almost everywhere in schools! They are frequently in stadiums, gymnasiums, school cafeterias, hallways, and more! In addition, if your school is based on the main road, this could be sold to local businesses for them to promote themselves! If you’re interested in getting support with marketing for your school, check out Marketing Advice for Schools, an organisation who provides marketing support, consultancy and training to schools. You can keep up to date with their blog here too.

On-Site Cafes

Where schools have in-house catering, this may be able to provide the basis for an external catering service for certain community-based events and activities or provide food for other schools.

Host a car-boot sale

This is a great way to generate additional cash, while helping build a relationship with the local communityand parents. The government have recently advised schools to offer a marketplace for second-hand uniforms and clothing, which can also help families by reducing uniform costs!

 At Vivify we understand the challenges our school stakeholders face daily. That’s why our flexible and comprehensive service is specifically designed to take out the time and effort of school lettings, meaning you and your team can focus on what is important while reaping some of, if not all the above benefits. 

Download our brochure here to find out more about how working with us can help you and your school.

If you’re interested in finding out how a school lettings programme can work for your school, book a free consultation with one of our school lettings experts today at

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