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Choi Kwang Do: From Martial Arts to Medical School

Choi Kwang Do

Martial arts is a highly skilled activity that takes time, dedication and determination. It teaches a plethora of transferable skills and uses that has a positive impact on everyday lives, one of the main ones being discipline.

We see a huge range of self-defence classes take place in our school facilities, including Birmingham CKD Martial Arts, a Choi Kwang Do class at Harborne Academy. Their class is based on modern day scientific principles to help achieve greater levels of health and wellbeing.

It’s incredible to see each students’ skills develop and their confidence grow. We get to see this reflected in all of activities that take place across our schools, but it doesn’t just stop there…

Birmingham CKD Martial Arts

When we visited Harborne Academy, we had the pleasure of getting to know the students and teachers to find out why they started attending Birmingham CKD and how attending these classes has benefited their lives. Callum, a 19-year-old teacher, has been attending weekly classes for over 10 years. 

He shared with us how this has shaped him into who he is today and how the discipline he learnt enabled him to achieve his goal of getting accepted into medical school.

Here’s what Callum had to say:

“I can’t imagine my life without doing this, it’s impacted me in so many different ways, my experience through school, college and now applying to university. Having the skills that I’ve gained from doing my martial arts has given me the confidence and the people skills that I need to do that sort of thing. I’m so thankful that when I was younger, I was pushed to do things, and I’m so glad I was pushed to do martial arts because it’s been amazing.”

Watch the video here

Community impact

The benefits of community lettings really do go so much further than the activities that take place. They have a lasting effect on each person that walks through those school doors and doing something as simple as joining a club or attending a class has the power to change the trajectory of a person’s whole life.

By opening Harborne Academy's sports hall, you can see first-hand the impact it’s had on Callum, who is just one member of one club that use this facility. 

Each school has hundreds and even thousands of children, teenagers and adults that come through their doors for community lettings, and each school has the potential to have this type of impact on every single person.

That’s why we're so passionate about helping more schools let out their facilities. So we can see more communities of healthier and happier people across the country.

If you’re looking for a facility near you for your next sport, event, or game visit here.

Or if you are a school interested in letting your facilities out, visit here.

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