Sports Hall or MUGA - Work out What Activities You Can Host in Your School

A sports hall can look really confusing to anyone who isn’t an expert! Our sports halls are all incredibly versatile spaces with so many lettings opportunities.  

If you’re new to Vivify and looking to work out what activities you can host then the below guide will help! It’s important we know the full capabilities of your space so that we can market them correctly and drive the right hirers to your facility.  Alternatively, if you aren’t familiar with Vivify and just looking to branch out your in-house lettings strategy, then we’re happy to help you along with that too!

The below graphic might look confusing, but each colour represents a different sport or activity:

  • Blue - Futsal 

  • Red - Netball 

  • Black - Basketball 

  • White - Badminton 

  • Yellow - Tennis 

  • Green - Volleyball 

Still not sure? We’re happy to help. Why not reach out at or use our enquiry form to see how we can support you and your lettings or bookings process.  

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